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We are hitting the airwaves big-time with our focused advertising from our Bend Oregon Franchise Partner.

Check out Chuck Hildreth’s excellent promotional video. Nice job Chuck!

Voltaire Cycles Bend Oregon- Our Flagship Shop

And Just in Time Too

In case you were not tuning in lately- here is a fine article by Nicole Nguyen for the Wall Street Journal. Nicole takes you through some of the strategies and thoughts on getting the best bike for your individual requirements and expectations.

You will see some brands we do not carry in our Voltaire Cycles Franchise system- if you are interested in any brands we may not have, please let me know. I can try to get any brand on board and we are very careful to provide the best and most serviceable brands out there.

After all… we’re all about the ride… any ride… every ride…!

Check out Nicole’s smile- this is what it is all about! Thanks for your excellent article and insight.

Riding an E-Bike Is Not Cheating | Outside Online

According to many studies, e-bike users ride almost as hard as people on conventional bikes. They also ride for longer periods and use e-bikes instead of driving.
— Read on www.outsideonline.com/2404475/riding-e-bike-not-cheating

A well written article and what we have been telling everyone who asks: you are going to be healthier if you ride a regular old bike and just the same for an eBike. Now the question becomes: which one will you ride the most?

The very picture of Happiness, Health and Well Being. Thanks Kala!

Yes! New York City Can!

Just when you thougt it was not possible- just when many of our traditional bike shop owners in the New York areA were thinking of another line of work- we have a silver lining in a very dark cloud.

Our traditional bike shop owners are seeing unprecedented interest in bicycles in New York and we are very happy for all.


Click on the picture to read Sasha von Oldershausen’s excellent article in today’s New York Times

“New York has steadily been making improvements to biking infrastructure, both in response to the pandemic (it is working to open up 100 miles of its streets to cyclists, with 67 miles cleared so far), as well as staying committed to its long-term plans.”

New York City Bike Map- Let’s Ride!!!

E-Bikes Are Having Their Moment.

Thank you Brian Chen for your brilliant article in today’s New York Times


Please be sure to read this part:

“So it’s no surprise that e-bikes are now as difficult to buy as a bottle of hand sanitizer was a few weeks ago. In March, sales of e-bikes jumped 85 percent from a year earlier, according to the NPD Group, a research firm. Amazon, Walmart and Specialized are sold out of most models. Even smaller brands like Ride1Up and VanMoof have waiting lists.”

And We are ready for it. You are ready for it. I would trade it all to get back those countless lives lost around the Globe, and we remain heartbroken. We all need to shine light on the darkness and I am grateful to be able to shine any light I can.

E-Bikes- any bikes, promote health and well-being. Simple as that. We need to promote that everywhere to everyone. We have a true community- which is a goodness we all can share. Let’s ride in that direction.

Thanks to all.

The eRevolution Continues even through Our COVID Crisis

After posting those snapshots of retail trends yesterday, I awoke to read this very comprehensive article by Christina Goldbaum for the New York Times: “Thinking of Buying a Bike? Get Ready for a Very Long Wait.”

We have some short lines and a few back-orders over at our Corporate Flagship but nothing like what we are seeing at traditional bike shops. And we are doing our best to fulfull the amazing number of online orders and inquiries coming to our shop. It is so busy, we simply cannot handle all of the calls and visits the way we are used to. My thanks to all of our customers and colleagues for your patience through this tough time.

Even better, our new franchise partners in the Denver Colorado area have been receiving and fulfilling more orders than our corporate flagshhip for the Month of April and will most likely beat the company store again in May.

If you are currently on our list of Voltaire Cycles Franchise candidates, this can be very significant. To those of you who are now thinking of making new plans for your future because of the COVID health crisis, now is the time to contact us for more information so you can get on our candidate list for consideration as a new Voltaire Cycles Franchise Partner!

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