New York… just like I pictured it…

Mayor de Blasio Announces New Framework to Clarify Legality of Pedal-Assist Bicycles | City of New York

Wow! Double Wow!!

We just love happy endings and this is not only one of those, but a happy beginning as well.

It looks like the New York City, under the leadership of Mayor Bill de Blasio, will be joining the eMobility revolution in a big way. We learned that the hard work of many in local and state government has resulted in a very bright path forward for sustainability, environmentally sound and commuter-friendly transportation alternatives for the good people of New York City and the whole NY Metro area.

Our hats are off to Mark Chambers, Director of the Mayor’s Office of Sustainability, and all the other folks who have worked hard to resolve the issues and are proceeding ahead with sensible and accountable rules that will support electric bicycles and eMobility as an important part of transportation and recreation in the Big Apple.

Please  have look at the recent article that paints a bright and colorful picture for the future of sustainable transportation and just plain fun recreation in the World’s greatest City.

The time has come!


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