Voltaire Cycles Franchises

Join the E-revolution!

Join the e-bike revolution by owning a Voltaire Cycles franchise. The Electric Spokes Company is proud to offer franchise opportunities under the name “Voltaire Cycles”. Our franchise opportunities provide an extraordinary opportunity to partner with a e-bike leader in a new industry with forecast sales growth in the multi billions over the next 10 years.

"eBike sales have continued at historic levels in 2020 and are destined to trend upward for some time to come"

“Voltaire Cycles has the right offering for many families, individuals and partnerships to get you where you want to be. Independence. Profitability. Community. Guidance. Family Business. It’s all here waiting for you!”

Jamie Gilson, Founder of Voltaire Cycles Franchises

To speak with Jamie for an informal chat about Voltaire Cycles Franchises, please give us your name and email. Thanks and looking forward to connecting!


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